The Best Stainless Electric Skillet in 2017

One of the best stainless electric steel skillets is the precise heat stainless steel skillet. This is an electric skillet that is made from surgical stainless steel with excellent functionality as the exterior and interior is not made from a non-stick material called polytetrafluoroethylene a high-performance fluoropolymer otherwise commonly known as Teflon of which it delivers an easy clean and non-stick performance but can be very harmful to your health. However, with surgical stainless steel the beautiful mirror finish, non-stickiness and durability are included in one as it heats up quicker and more evenly.  This product has a five (05) year warranty something that really kind of make you forget about the other electric skillets on the market.



The other features of the stainless electric skillet are domed stainless steel lid, steel handle and an electrical coil unit which is removable when cleaning it. The appliance is great for party functions, family gatherings, and crowd cooking as the large pan makes enough stew or sauce for more than four (04) servings of the chicken nicely cut into strips or cubes. The skillet is 16inches with a rectangular frying pan and 4 inches which are deep enough for chicken frying, meat or doughnuts etc. The appliance has an electric coil output of 1500watts which can heat up to 450 degrees utmost. This is an advantage in terms of energy usage cost as it consumes less energy yet the power out is high. The appliance also has an edge over other skillets as it reaches the correct temperature faster than an average standard skillet.

The disadvantages of this unit are that it cannot be submerged in water or dish washed, the lid has no vent for steam release and the steel lid handle can also be a bit of a challenge when it’s all heated. The other challenge is that because the lid of the skillet is stainless, you cannot glance at the food while it’s cooking. Lastly, because this skillet heats up very fast, that can also be a disadvantage as you really have to be careful not to burn your meal as it really can hit high temperatures. However, most people who use this appliance do set it at the lowest temperature settings as they fry, roast, and cook food. It can be mentioned here that this appliance has more advantages than flaws to it.

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