Carry golf bags

Golf bags with features

Golf is the well known played game which is considered to be the game of prestige. It is a good game which brings different people close to each other. The golfer usually transports the golf cubs in the golf bag. The golf clubs are of different types and they are played at different occasions. In the earlier times the golf bags were made up of elephant penis and other materials. In current times they are made up of canvas, leather, and nylon and of plastic as well. Some of the golf bag is with the metal reinforcement or the plastic framing.

Golf bag

Golf bags have pockets which are used and designed so that different equipments can be adjusted into it. There are different equipments which are required during the course of round of golf game and thus the golf bags are designed such that you can fit and carry all the equipments required. Some of the bags are sectioned so that different types of clubs can be adjusted and can be chosen from that. Some of the expensive bags have the sleeves and the pockets which are in the main compartment so that different clubs can be kept. It is done so that the removing and returning clubs becomes easy without any interference. There is no interference from other clubs or the hardware of the clubs.

Carry bags

The most common type of golf bags is the carry golf bags. They are the bags which are designed to be carried by the players. They have either single or double shoulder straps and are lightweight. The construction is such that the shoulder has fewer burdens thus keeping the player at ease. The carry bags are further classified into two types of bags namely Sunday bags and stand bags.

The Sunday bags are the one which are advertised as minimalist. They are light in weight and are also flexible in terms of the construction which allows to roll up the bag and to fold for storage without clubs. It has the storage pockets which are essential for the play but they do not contain some advanced features like insulated pockets for stand legs and the drinks. It also does not contain the segregated club storage. The stand bags are also in the carry bags which has additional features like the retractable fold legs. It helps in making a tripod so that the bag can be placed safely on turf.

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